Spirited or heroic acts that don't fit into the other categories.
31"x20"; digital prints on photo paper, metallic ink

After spending months jockeying with the photography system in Gran Turismo 5, I created this lewd exposition of three generations of my favorite italian supercars. These are all totally unretouched photos that were taken exclusively from within Gran Turismo 5. I then printed them on foam-backed photo paper.

Photography in GT5 is particularly laborious. While you have access to most manual camera controls, you don't ever have any direct control over the light sources. This means you're usually forced to recompose your subject over and over in order to get the lighting you want.

The metallic ink gives the photos a real nice effect, especially since the subjects are metallic in the first place. These are also set in glassless frames to minimize undesirable reflections.

pine, purpleheart, cherry stain, hardware

During the first six months of 2011, I and Bruce Cooner built this special chassis to satisfy my racing habit. Totally disgusted with all commercial offerings, I had no choice but to make one myself and enlist Bruce's woodworking talents. Bruce was responsible for most of the physical construction, we collaborated on the design and I did all the finishing. Special features include a real BMW 3-series seat, incredibly stable construction, seating geometry that exactly matches that of my E46 M3, and a modular design that allows it to be totally disassembled/assembled by a single person in 6 minutes.

I've also created a thread at azbmw.org chronicling the entire design and construction process.

2011 Feb
en fuego burger, en fuego fries, liability waiver

I took the En Feugo Burger Challenge at the Barrio Cantina with some forty-odd of the azbmw crew egging me on. I'm an aficionado of the spicy foods, and normally I have to negotiate at indian restaurants to get the food hot enough for me, but this was something else entirely.

You can watch a video of me eating the en fuego, but what you don't see is the twelve hours of aftermath. Seriously, twelve hours of hot flashes and waves of pain thanks to the ghost chili pepper extract. Totally worth it and I'm never doing it again.

2009 Apr
web; 944.com

Coverage of an autocross event I ran. I like to do autocross or track days a few times a year, or whenever I get antsy from driving reasonably and prudently for too long.

2007 Nov
21.6 miles, 23,769 ft. cumulative altitude

Easily the most physical challenge I have undertaken so far. The Phoenix Summit Challenge is a route of seven summits, you start at 6am and you have up to 11 hours to hike up to each summit and back down again. I figured I spent about 4000 calories that day; halfway through I was already totally exhausted and it was only sheer willpower that allowed me to finish. Highlights included panting in my car for 20 minutes afterward.
Here's some other fun stats:
Total Time: 8h 39m
Total Horizontal Distance: 21.6 miles
Total Vertical Distance: 4.5 miles

3,177,940 Points, Loop 2 Stage 3

I placed 6th in Konami's national high score competition for Gradius V, held to promote the US release of the game. Although the contest was intended to be held just nationally, I was actually competing against several known (and possibly cyborg) players from other countries.

I have a short exciting clip of part of my high score run from one the most hair-raising parts of the game.

cast figure kit; resin and oil paint

I originally bought this kit for $70, assembled and painted it, then looked at it sit on my desk for a few years. In 2004 I sold it to a collector for five hundred, who at one point owned multiple examples of this figure. He tells me he still has mine on display.

Here's another angle of the Talbain figure.

model kit; plastic and oil paint

The X-29 is my favorite aircraft, it's basically a study in compromising stability to achieve maximal maneuverability. It wasn't until 1984 that available materials were finally rigid enough and technology good enough to make this kind of design viable at high speeds. Only two examples were ever built.

This model kit I built and painted to match the paint scheme of this plane as found in Ace Combat 2, another one of my favorite games.

Here's another angle of the X-29 model.