This section is about what the press/media have said about me or my work.
2009 Mar
web; Crispy Gamer
Gus Mastrapa writes about game journalists who transition to video game development and makes a nice mention of the game that brought me that year to GDC.
2009 Feb
Night Game (now called NightSky) was a finalist in the 2009 IGF awards in two categories: Excellence in Design and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.
2008 Mar
newspaper; Phoenix New Times
In 2008, as hosts of Chatterbox Video Game Radio, we edged out an extensive array of competing gurus all across the valley to win this coveted award.
2007 Oct
blog post;
Racketboy is a retro gaming website, they made a list of the best "2D" games on the PS2. The Red Star is the second entry on the page! To split hairs, it's a 2D game in terms of interaction, but the entire game ran on a 3D engine.
2007 Apr
web; metacritic
This is metacritic's page for The Red Star. Is it "fast, fun and loaded with variety", or does it "lack depth and variety"? Only you can decide.
2007 Apr
blog post;
Sam Kennedy made this very nice blog post about The Red Star, including three videos. I don't believe our work was anything near as masterful as what Treasure could produce, but my part of the game was definitely Treasure-inspired. As undeserving as I feel about it, it's a honor to be mentioned in the same breath as those geniuses.
2007 Apr
blog post;
Aaron Linde also had some pleasant words to say about The Red Star. He goes into some explanation about how this game came to be released over three years after we had finished development.
no date
blog post;
Racketboy also named The Red Star in their list of the best PS2 games that most people may not have played or heard of.